Tuesday, 5 April 2016


You might have noticed I am not really around here very much now (since about 2013). But I haven't vanished because instead I have just made a new blog! It's called woolapple and you can see it here. It's all about things I make and do for me and with toddler in tow. And this friendly face:

I'm just about to write about some biscuits, so see you soon,
Yours bloggily,
Emily. xx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

you can stretch right up and touch the sky

Hello dears,

I am not doing very well at keeping my in touch am I? I had good intentions of making a dress a month (a good aim for me) and being here much more than I was - but I got somewhat sidetracked over the summer...

I was having a very lovely time though. I am so lucky to live in a very beautiful spot. We have been here nearly a year now (one year next week) and I love this home we have found. We have a ferry crossing to France very locally, but I wasn't organised enough to sort out our passports, but as it was our first Seaford summer it felt like a holiday for sure.

My favourite memories of the summer are of one very hot weekend of impromptu sea swimming with Rose the little fish. I did some sun bathing on the beach which felt like it had been a long time since i last did that, and it just felt wonderful. Rose was very tentative towards the sea at first, but as soon as the first little wave hit her feet and she realised there was nothing to fear she couldn't stay away - she just wanted to be immersed in it as totally as she could, little teeth chattering from the cold and bare bottom shining in the sun!

Another lovely day that stands out for me is a lovely one i spent alone with Rich while Rose hung out with Nanny Jo and Grandpop. We walked over Seaford head to the seven sisters (quick refresh at the pub along the river, including a free portion of chips from our table neighbours who had over ordered) and back again in time for tea.

It is starting to feel very chilly around here now.

I hope you had a nice summer too. And enjoying cosying up for autumn.

Love from Emily. x

Sunday, 31 May 2015

What year is this?

It's 2015 now! Where has the time gone?! I hadn't realised my last posting on my blog had been over a year ago - that is a long time ago.

But i am really pleased to let you know that I am back (hopefully) and I have made a dress! This is a happy time for me - it's been such a long while since I made one of these - in fact the last dresses i made were maternity dresses - many big tents for my big baby tummy.

But now I have something like a waist again i thought maybe it was time to make some less tentish dresses (although i do still like to wear those ones)

I have been thinking i need to start making some clothes again for a while now - it struck me that i really did used to make a large proportion of my clothes, and i had been struggling to find the sort of things i really like to wear. It's so nice now that i have a bit more time in the evenings and during naptimes (when i am not doing some hoovering) to start to make some things to revive my wardrobe.

So we were out in Brighton this week (because now we live in Seaford - but i am sure i will speak more about this at a relevant time) and we wanted to have a tea so we went to the C&aH fabrics cafe which is good when you have a pram, and also good when you really like wool and fabric. I had earned enough stamps on my loyalty card to get a free £5 gift voucher so it was a sign that it was time.

I found a couple of lovely pieces i really liked. This pink delight, i couldn't resist it even though i don't really have anything pink, and never wear this colour, but it looked so pretty and summery, and i had in mind that dress of Holly Golightly's and decided to be bold.

Unfortunately my fabric doesn't have tassels but i think it's still very festive.

Rose enjoyed wearing the fabric like a little Russian doll toddling about. Yes, that is her there - she is eighteen months old now.

The pattern i used was this one, my wedding dress pattern - which has a very similar bodice to Holly's. I altered the skirt slightly to give it a bit more of a fuller shape. I was a bit nervous about it still fitting me, so I just used 1cm at the seam allowances rather than the 1.5, and the result was a perfect fit!

Rose is normally much better dressed than me these days, but today we were a good match

It was a lovely feeling to have made something new and i am really really pleased with how it came out, and that i hadn't forgotten all of my dressmaking skills. I am going to try very very hard to make time for this pastime. i have a small pile of lovely fabrics now so will be back soon.

yours, one year older, none the wiser,
Emilia x

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Happy Christmas Sock

So, back in november i had a baby. and with christmas coming up i was very excited when i found i could knit whilst holding the sleepy bundle of joy. So I decided to make a pair of socks for lovely Richard. I had a month and i didn't have to go to work any more, so i thought that was a reasonable task. Easy right!

... but at this time i was not experienced in living with the baby so my expectations of achievable goals were not very accurate at all!

Unfortunately, as that little one started to wake up and grow and move about, knitting whilst holding the baby became a bit of an accident waiting to happen and so by christmas i had only managed to knit 1 sock (mostly while Rich pushed her in the pram in the treacherous wind and rain) I did wrap it up for him to open on christmas morning. He was confused.

But look... now that spring is here, the socks are finished!

I am so pleased about it. What a triumph! And Rich learnt the lesson of good things come to those who wait.

His quote is "they are very comfortable"

Monday, 17 March 2014

Little Rose Riding Hood

Very much time has passed since i knitted this little snug cardigan, and since then i haven't really made many things (there were a lot more maternity dresses, but they were all very similar in the end!) but I did make this little thing to fill that cardigan...

Her name is Rose and she is the reason I take a long time to do everything now! But she is the best.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

i like this outfit

After the success of my tunic, i decided another skirt and top set would be good to mix to help mix and match a little.

I found this remnant a few weeks ago and thought it was just really a sweet pattern.


I made the skirt just by folding the fabric in half and seaming down the back, and then elasticating at the waist. Although unfortunately i don't have a waist anymore so had to make a decision about where the skirt would sit - under bump or over bump. i decided over bump was the more comfortable choice, although perhaps not the most flattering. but i've stopped worrying about that sort of thing really (my poor new husband!)

The top i made for this set i used the pattern for my tent dress and shortened it, rather than the tunic pattern i made. It worked really nicely.


It's nice to wear a t-shirt with the skirt too. I only really do that indoors though as i am a bit shy of wearing anything too figure hugging in public. Sometimes when the baby moves about it makes some funny shapes out of my tummy! scampy baby! x


Thursday, 22 August 2013

expanding wardrobe for expanding me!

I have been quite enjoying dressing my big tummy, but i have very much missed wearing skirts and tops. I had a little trip to the highstreet and found a very practical jersey skirt - good for stretching over all sizes of tum! But what to wear with it?

I just got myself a little piece of blue fabric and went about making a tunic top. the pattern was the same as i used for this little two piece suit - but just made a little longer in the body. i haven't drawn a new block for my new shape - that might be an interesting project though - i wonder what shape that would come out.

annnnyway - here you can see what a simple shape it is - just some bust darts, but otherwise very straight:


it was looking a bit like a hospital gown, and not the denimy sort of look i was aiming for. I found this lovely trim though which really helped! i think i have more patience these days as sewed it all by hand and enjoyed that task.


 it is such a comfortable little outfit. good for a lazy weekend day. x


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

little red riding hood

A little while ago while i was trying to make some more space, i had a very ruthless clear out of my wool, only keeping the ones i thought i could definitely use and limiting myself to one basket full! It was a bit brutal - but it is nice that all the balls don't get so tangled up now.

One ball that survived the cut was a massive ball of red chunky wool from tea cosy projects of yesteryear. It made me think that red is a very good unisex colour when you have to clothe a baby but don't yet know if he's really a boy or not!

I did a little ravelry search for baby patterns in chunky wool and my favourite was this one - a little snug!

I enjoyed this one as the construction was really interesting - you might be able to tell from the picture - it was all knitted in garter stitch and more or less seamless. And the pattern was really informative with lots of good instructions. I learnt some good skills like provisional cast on (using a bit of crochet) and grafting.


I hope this will keep little baby as cosy as it keeps our tea! xx

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fairisle for me

Although i am knitting quite a lot for the baby at the moment (i can't help it - little things are so nice to make!) I did get some beautiful wool for my birthday last month.


I am using a pattern from the same range as my monochrome fairisle snowjumper from last year. Here is the original - shades of grey, black and white:


But i decided i would prefer to make a more colourful version and found this lovely wool - Drops Alpaca. There are a great number of colours to chose from, but i decided to pick from their mixed colour wools which have a slightly tweedy appearance.

You might think an alpaca is a bit of a wirey wooled creature, but this wool is the softest of any wool i've ever used.

I am not sure if i perhaps should have gone for a paler background colour, but i am pleased with the way this is going. Here is a sneak preview.


Back complete!


It's proving a little bit of a challenge as a lot of concentration is needed, but i am trying to stick with it as i know this will be a lovely new cardigan for the winter if i can finish in good time.

Yours alpacarama
Emilia x


Monday, 12 August 2013

little legs

Soon we will have a baby come to live with us! And i am really very much into nesting mode. We have managed to clear our spare room so we can make it more like a home for him in there. And I have started collecting some warm woollens as am very aware he will be with us in November and the start of the cold months.

Ebay has been a wonderful source for hand knit cardigans and jumpers and i've managed to collect some real gems. I decided my hand making energy will be best directed having a go at making some trousers for baby. I can already tell there are some good legs on that little one - he is exercising them well.

We don't know if he   will be a boy or a girl. But everything does seem to be quite blue... but i thought it will be easier to sew lots of bows onto blue things, but making girls clothes into boy clothes is more challenging! There is logic there somewhere.

Anyway, with this leggy mission in mind, i managed to find some good patterns for trousers and leggings.


This knitting pattern was one i found after a charity shop rummage. i stormed through the little leggings  in no time...


The wool i got in the sale and it is lovely and soft, but i am not sure about it for a cardigan/bonnet/mittens (i ran out for the last few rows and had to improvise - odd foot). I will definitely try to do another pair of these though in something a bit woolier that will lend itself better to creating the whole suit (my poor baby!)


I also was pleased to find this dressmaking pattern to be able to make some little things using my sewing skills. The baby looks a bit hot in all those clothes, but it seemed to be a perfect collection for the winter, including a little jacket and dungarees (i want to make those in corduroy!) for now i have had a go at the little trousers in this brushed cotton fabric. They are so soft!



They were supposed to be lined, but i thought this might just all be a bit much fabric in the end (now i look at it, perhaps this pattern is for out-wear) Because i just used a single thickness it did create the need for a bit of improvising with the turn ups and waist band, but i am pleased with how i managed.

Snug baby.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Liberty Mouse

Just recently it was my birthday, and i was instructed to ask for things just for me (not for the house, and not for the baby) One of the biggest treats for me is some liberty fabric, and so mum and dad gave me this beautiful piece of Poppy and Honesty. It is the same fabric as Liz's bridesmaid dress, but a different colourway (this was my favourite of everything i saw, but too autumnal for a june bridesmaid i thought)


And Rich knows what a treat this for me too and gave me a voucher to go and choose a piece myself. We popped to London on tuesday and it was definitely a treat to have a good browse of all the beautiful fabrics on offer. In the end, and with Rich's guidance (not too curtainy) i went for this lovely piece. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it online, but it is lovely in real life. I think it is called Thorpe T or maybe Thorpe H. I'm not sure entirely, but it doesn't matter too much.


I tried to go for some darker fabrics, as i have stocked up well on summer dresses now, and realise this season won't last forever. These will be such a treat come autumn!

And luckily there were also enough funds on my gift card for a liberty mouse!


Hip hip hooray! Treats all round xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blooming Marvellous

Having an ever changing body at the moment is really keeping me on my dressmaking toes! I am quite limited with what i can wear from my wardrobe at the moment, but there are a few little gems which are seeing me through (my betsy dress and this old faithful yellow tent dress and this little gem are my new best friends!)

And here are a couple more new(ish) items which I am really getting a lot of wear from (made during wedding fever with no time to blog) They use the same tent dress pattern as my new checked dress, but just changing the fabric has given them their own styles.

DSC02355 DSC02353 DSC02352

This lovely daisy dress i really adore. i just love the fabric. It is a lawn cotton so is really light and floaty and although identical to my other tent dresses, the drape of the fabric seems to totally change the style.


 And this one is made with a crisp cotton, but as the fabric was quite narrow i had to streamline the shape and wear with a belt. This is definitely a good one for getting a seat on the train!

I bought a little basic stretchy skirt from H&M last week so I am hoping this will open up some new possibilities for me.


And for now I have this remnant to play with - there is a metre and a half and I am hoping perhaps a tunic and skirt would be a nice change? I will let you know what happens! xx

Emilia. xx